Pluto is Much More Geologically Complex Than We Originally Thought

Scientists at NASA began downloading images of Pluto this weekend captured by the New Horizons probe. It turns out that the dwarf planet is just as geologically complicated as anyone at NASA has seen in our solar system.

The newest set of images reveals possible dune fields and nitrogen ice flows oozing out of mountains. Some of the images even suggest that some mountain-like features may in fact be huge blocks of water-ice floating on nitrogen.

The dunes on Pluto are another mystery.  The atmosphere on Pluto is so thin that it shouldn't be able to produce wind-blown dunes. Scientists at NASA suggest that either Pluto at one time had an atmosphere thick enough to produce dunes, or there is some other unknown process currently at work producing them.

The next round of images are set to be released tomorrow showing Pluto's moons Charon, Nix, and Hydra.

Here are some of the most recent images of Pluto released by NASA this week